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Tribal tassels are collected from many different cultures and often have been used and reused many times.  Vintage, new and used, tassels can be beaded, made of silk, cotton or other materials, and are sometimes embellished with bells, mirrors and other adornment.  Tassels from the tribal world come in an endless variety of color and size and add movement and detail to any tribal or fusion costume piece.  Kuchi, Indian, Turkoman, Blochi, Waziri, Uzbek and other tassels are an amazing and easy way to make your tribal look lush and beautiful.  Tassels add so much to dance costuming!

Because tassels can become worn after a relatively short period of time, repairs often show where the original maker or owner tried to keep them in good condition.  Loops frayed, beading worn, they may be discolored or have other evident wear.  Beadwork may be coming loose in places or bells or other pieces may be missing.  Please check all photos carefully for condition and be aware that this wear is a part of the cultural nature of these items and should be viewed as part of its charm and allure instead of a flaw.  


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