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Miscellaneous tribal textiles usch as home decor items, animal adornment, bags, clothing items and other pieces that don't have a specific category can be found here.  Almost any color combination you can think of and be used, and most can easily be taken apart and repurposed. Or use a complete piece as the starting point for your tribal look and build a costme around it! The only limit is your own imagination.

Tribal textiles are collected from many different areas of the world and often have been used and reused many times.  Because fabric items can become worn after a relatively short period of time, repairs often show where the original maker or owner tried to keep the item in good condition.  These pieces may be thin in places, frayed, worn, discolored or have other evident wear.  Beadwork may be frayed or coming loose in places.  Please check all photos carefully for condition and be aware that this wear is a part of the cultural nature of these items and should be viewed as part of its charm and allure instead of a flaw.


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