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The Red Camel makes some of its own jewelry pieces for our web and Etsy stores. "Tribally Inspired" pieces are new, updated designs based on older tribal looks but are made for ease of wear and can be worn for any modern occasion.  Our "New Tribal" pieces are old designs created for a true tribal look, and are usually larger for those times when nothing but a statement piece will do. For both our Tribally Inspired and New Tribal Pieces we strive to use components, methods and designs as closely matched to traditional tribal ways whenever possible.  We do use modern stringing components and clasps for security, but try to match those to a traditional look as often as we can.

Red Camel Tribally Inspired pieces and New Tribal pieces can be worn for tribal and fusion belly dance costuming, for special occasions or with everyday wear.  The choice, and look, are totally up to your tastes! 


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