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There are so many ways to use tribal pendants for costuming, that this category is usually the one with the largest number of pieces to choose from.  Favorites are vintage, new and used Kuchi, Turkoman, Tuareg and Berber pieces, but you will also find Nepali, Miao Chinese, Indian, Ethiopian and other North African pendants, along with glass Talhakimt, too.  

For convenience, I've made a separate category for small DIY type pendants.  you can find them HERE in the DIY section of the web site.  There are so many fun ones to choose from, they got their own category so you can easily see what the choices are!

Tribal pendants come in all shapes, sizes, materials and designs.  Our selection varies with what is currenty available to us, and will change according to what we find at reasonable prices to pass along to you.  There is something here for almost every use and taste! 


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