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Tribal coins in a variety of sizes, shapes and qantities.  Coins are used all over the tribal world to decorate clothing and to show wealth.  Sold in packets or lots with tribal fusion belly dance DIY in mind.  Add to belly dance bras, belts, vests and other costuming pieces or adorn headpieces, jewelry and other accessories.  

Tips for using DIY tribal coins:
Attaching tribal coins can be as simple as sewing one coin in place by stitching through the soldered loop or hole.  You can attach coins that are already strung onto bands by stitching through the woven band or around the cord.  You can also make your own bands out of braided yarn (matching colors this way is easy).  Coins on beadwork bands are fairly easy to attach by sewing between the glass beads although sometimes the backing for beadwork can be a bit tough.  To remove coins from woven bands or cord, cut through the band/cord.  Don't try to pull them off the cord.  This may break the weld on the bale.  


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