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Shisha mirrors are small mirrors sewn to clothing or other items.  Often thought of as belonging to the decorative textile arts of India, they are used in many cultures.  Hand sewn shisha are time consuming and difficult to get just right, but sew-on mirrors are already complete and can quickly be added to any costume item to make your DIY projects shine.  

Tips for using DIY tribal shisha mirrors
Most of our mirrors are real glass mirrors surrounded by a plastic ring that has been wrapped with a colorful woven band.  Simply take a stitch here and there around the edge through the woven band, making sure to sew through both the woven band and your costume.  Use a matching thread color to make stitches less noticeable.  Metal framed mirrors can be attached by stitching through the small holes on the corners where the metal is folded around the mirror.  Pass your needle through one hole and out another, then stitch to your costume.   


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