Uzbek Hair Tassels - Set of three Uzbekistan Silk Tribal Tassels - Vintage Belly Dance DIY Costuming - Central Asian Surkhandarya Tassel Set

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Item No: TTX0069
Country of Origin: Central Asia / Turkoman
Materials: Silk / Cotton, Glass, Metal, Glass, Wool
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Vintage Uzbekistan hair tassels from the Surkhandarya region of Uzbekistan on a woven band.  

Number of Pieces: 3
Total Length:  26 Inches.
Attachment:  Woven bands can be sewn to costuming or tied.  
Materials: Silk and/or cotton, wool bands, metal beads, glass beads
Colors:  Red, white, yellow, blue and maybe a faded brown or purple color
Three tassel pieces have been sewn together.  Could be separated to use individually.
Shown loosely tied to keep set together. 

Total length of tassels is 26 inches.  Colorful cord wrapping, large metal beads and small glass beads on each tassel strand.  Bands at the top can be sewn or tied to costuming.  These have an added decorate piece with buttons sewn to the bands.  This could be removed and the tassels separated to use invidually.  You may have seen this kind of "tulip tassel" adorning the bottom edge of saye gosha bands.  Colorful, fun and fairly lightweight tassels are perfect for hair gardens or other costuming purposes.  

The Surkhandarya (or Surxondaryo modern spelling) region is the southernmost region of Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan is home to many ornate arts including embroidery, beading and highly detailed jewelry.  Decorated textiles adorn most homes and can include lovely saye gosha and suzani pieces with intricate embroidery. 


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