Silver Makara Bracelet - Vintage Tribal Silver Bracelet - India Tribal Makara Head Belly Dance Bracelet - India Banjara Rabari Lambani - SALE

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Item No: JBN0150
Country of Origin: India / Rajasthan / Gujarat
Materials: Tribal Silver
Condition: Used
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This vintage design has been popular for generations.  The Makara (water dragon) motif shows two diety heads on each side, but this piece is so worn, its is a bit difficult to see it.  Old, worn, a bit dirty and quite tarnished.  Two-piece design with pin.  Pin pulls out and one section is removed to open.  Replace the small piece and insert pin to lock.  Beautifully made, nice and heavy.  Made from good tribal silver.  Well constructed and sturdy.  This bracelet fits nicely and is lovely to wear.  Old, worn silver just feels good on your skin.  Inner circumference is 7 inches.  Slightly oval shaped.  Inner diameter is 2.25 inches.  1-1/8 inches wide at the widest point. 

The makara originated in India in Hindu mythology and takes the form of water dragon deities, or sometimes crocodiles, that would lay in wait for unsuspecting sailors on the ocean or even for young girls fetching water from rivers and streams, then pull them under to their deaths.  The makara were symbols of fierceness and were often sculpted at the entrances to places of importance such as temples and palaces and to guard treasure.  Over time the makara became a symbol of intelligence, destiny, and prosperity as well as strength. Eventually the makara symbol was incorporated into decorative arts all over the world and today can be seen from East Asia to the Middle East.  

Inner Circumerence:  7 Inches
Inner Diameter: 2.25 Inches
Width:  1-1/8 inch at the widest point
Materials:  Tribal Silver - 70 to 90%
Metal Color:  Silver
Metal Finish:  Unpolished
Lovely old piece with traditional design and function.
This vintage tribal silber piece will polish up beautifully.

This listing is for a SINGLE bracelet.


Please check photos carefully for condition. You will receive the exact piece(s) shown in the photos on this page. This is a USED piece that has been previously worn in country. As a previously used tribal item it may have small flaws such as loose or missing jewels, missing bells, obvious repairs, may be tarnished or worn, or have other small flaws.

A NOTE ON THE CONDITION OF TRIBAL ITEMS: Our jewelry is used tribal jewelry, from faraway lands. As used pieces the condition of our items will reflect their prior lives as treasured tribal pieces. Please know that we strive to maintain the tribal allure of our items and therefore we do not clean or repair these pieces in any way. We leave that choice to the buyer, as each may prefer something different. This not only maintains the old, tribal look of each piece that our belly dance customers seek, but also preserves the value of a piece that cleaning might diminish.

We do our best to describe any flaws that may be present in our items, and we encourage you to read the full description and look at all photos closely to judge the condition of the item for yourself and know exactly what you are ordering. If you have questions about the condition of any item, please ask!

This item is a SINGLE bracelet.


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