Old Tribal Silver Shiva Pendant Necklace - India Rajasthan Tribal Belly Dance Necklace - SALE

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Country of Origin: India / Rajasthan
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Black thread-wrapped necklace with large tribal silver Bheru Shiva (Shiva's terrifying aspect) pendant and adorned with multiple large silver beads.  Fastens with a knot and loop and is 18.5 inches long.  Old worn and tarnished pendant is is 3 inches across  and 4.75 inches long.  From the Bhil people of Rajasthan.  Pendant and beads are in good condition, thread-wrapping is new. 

PLEASE NOTE:  The face of this pendant has been POLISHED and is only now beginning to acquire a bit of a tarnished patina.  The raised figures are worn and have smooth edges, so the age is still apparent, but there is a bit of a shine to it.  


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