Gift Certificates

Gift certificates can be purchased directly on-line and can be used for the purchase of any item available on the web site. 

To purchase a gift certificate, go to the

Gift Certificates Purchase Page

and choose the amount of gift certificate you would like to purchase.  (If the amount of gift certificate you would like to order is not shown in the drop down list, please contact the office by email for assistance.)  Add the chosen amount to your cart, fill in the other pertinent information and then proceed to the checkout page.  You can pay for gift certificates with any payment option listed on the checkout page.  Once your payment has been received, the gift certificate will be sent to the email address of your choice (the one you'll fill in on the gift certificates purchase page) and will include a gift certificate number to be used when making a purchase!  Gift certificates are valid for two years from date of purchase.  

Important:  While the gift certificate page is a convenient and somewhat automated way of purchasing a gift certificate, please keep in mind that once you have placed your order a real person here in the office will need to 'push the button' to send the gift certificate to the email address you selected.  If you place your order in the evening or over a weekend or holiday, it make take up to 24 hours for the gift certificate to be sent.  My apologies for any delay you may experience.

Gift certificates may be used for any Red Camel merchandise listed on the web site, or at any event where we are vending.  You may also use them for Etsy purchases of Red Camel merchandise.  If you would like to purchase Red Camel Etsy items, please contact our office by email at so we can make sure you get the items you want!  


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