Miao Earrings - Traditional Tribal Large Gauge - New Hmong Miao Heavy Earrings - Tribal Belly Dance

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Item No: JEL0027
Country of Origin: China
Materials: Mixed Metals
Condition: New
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New Hmong Miao style earrings with large round embllishments at the bottom edge.  These earrings are a larger gauge earwire and will not fit into modern, western piercings.  Earwires themselves are about a 10 gauge, but the curled ends are much larger. These earrings are also somewhat heavy and would best be worn though tunnels or by those who have previously worn very large, heavy earrings. Or perhaps better yet added to a headpiece at the ear level. These new pieces are made from a silver alloy by tribal craftsmen in China.

The Miao are an ethnic group belonging to South China. Silver jewelry is a well-known traditional craft of the Miao people. Apart from being a cultural tradition, it also symbolizes the wealth of Miao women. An old Miao saying tells us, “decorated with no silver or embroidery, a girl is not a girl”. In the past, a Miao woman used to be defined by the amount of silver jewelry she wears or owns. It is especially important to wear heavy and intricate silver headdresses and jewelry during significant occasions and festivals, notably during weddings, funerals and springtime celebration. Silver jewelry is an essential element of Miao marriages, particularly to the bride. Miao families would begin saving silver jewellery for the girls at an early age, wishing their daughters could marry well with a large amount of silver jewelry representing the wealth of the family.

Length: 1.75 inches
Width: 2-1/8 inches
Materials:  Silver alloy - about 60% silver
Metal Color: Silvery.  Will tarnish with time.
Earwire Gauge: Wires look like about a 10 gauge but are handmade and vary.  
Weight:  Each pair of these earrings weighs over 2 ounces
Wire becomes thicker the further along you go.  
Curliques at the ends are much larger than the earwires.  

Photos are representative. You will receive similar pieces to those shown in the photos on this page.  Please look at photos and read information carefully to be sure of what you are purchasing.

A NOTE ON THE CONDITION OF TRIBAL ITEMS: Our new jewelry is tribal jewelry or newly made jewelry from tribal craftsmen in faraway lands. The condition of our items will reflect their prior travels through many hands before arriving at The Red Camel. Even with new pieces, there may be small flaws here and there that reflect their journey. We do our best to describe any such flaws that may be present, and we encourage you to read the full description and look at all photos closely to judge the condition of the item for yourself and know exactly what you are ordering. If you have questions about the condition of any item, please ask!


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