Kuchi Belt - Tribal Belly Dance Belt - 30 Inches - Tribal Belly Dance Afghani Sleeve Belt - Dance Costuming Belt

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Item No: TLA0128
Country of Origin: Afghanistan / Pakistan
Materials: Fabric, Glass Beads, Mixed Metals
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Tribal Kuchi Belly Dance belt.

Length: 30 inches, not including ties. 
Textile Width:  3.25 inches
Total Width:   About 5.5 inches (includes chain fringe)
Embellishments:  Buttons, beadwork, silver metallic trim, poms, medallions, chain fringe
Fabric Color: Red
Medallion Size:  2.75 inches
Lined with new black fabric.

Tribal Kuchi belly dance belt with buttons, beading and a beautiful piece of chain fringe.  The base of this belt is red.  Beadwork medallions on each end.  Cord ties.  Belt is 30 inches long, not including ties.  Fabric base is about 3.25 inches wide.  These can be worn as is, layered with scarves or other belts or used to make an incredible, unique costuming piece.  

The bases for these belts are made from the decorative edges of Kuchi dress sleeves.  These may be embellished with any number of decorative elements including coins, buttons, beadwork, medallions, poms and more.  Afghan beadwork is some of the finest in the world, often with intricate mathematical patterns.  (Studies have been done on the mathematics of Kuchi beadwork - ask me about it!)  Please be aware that these pieces have been used and reused, often many times, and will show wear in places.  If necessary, beadwork can often be repaired simply by running a bit of beading floss through the beads and knotting it securely.


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