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Dear Dancer/Jewelry Lover,

Welcome to The Red Camel.  I've been selling beautiful tribal jewelry and textiles since 2003.  The Red Camel has seen many changes over the years.  And the tribal dance community has been through a lot of changes since I've started, too!  

What hasn't changed is that it has been a wonderful experience.  I've met so many great friends through this business that I never would have otherwise. You have all been delightful and I wouldn't change anything about the journey! Thank you for your support and continued encouraging words. I hope to be bringing you exciting tribal items for many years to come.

When I started this business, the dollar was strong in the world market and it went a long way in purchasing jewelry from distant lands. Now other forms of currency are much more competitive and the dollar doesn't go nearly as far as it once did.  I have seen prices rise every year since opening The Red Camel, but never so much as in the last several years. Silver especially has taken a huge jump. The days of finding a beautiful older piece and purchasing it for a song are mostly a thing of the past. Shipping charges continue to climb and fuel surcharges are the norm for overseas carriers. Today bargains are much more difficult to find.

In spite of all this, I am still committed to bringing you the best quality ethnic and tribal North African, Middle Eastern, Indian, and Central and East Asian jewelry I can find for the best price. My belief that every dancer should be able to costume herself or himself beautifully without breaking the bank still holds true. I pass by many superb pieces that would have to be priced beyond most dancers' budgets. While getting quality pieces becomes a greater challenge every year, I'm still always looking for the best pieces at the best prices so I can assure you great variety and an honest deal.

The Red Camel will continue to carry beautiful, authentic ethnic jewelry from Morocco, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Yemen, Nepal, China and other Middle Eastern and Central and East Asian countries. I also have some delightful textile pieces from these areas as well as component pieces (loose metal dangles, coins and  buttons, etc.) to create or enhance your do-it-yourself costuming projects.

Please take a minute to look over the items I have in stock. If you love tribal, ethnic, and Middle Eastern dance, jewelry and costuming as much as I do, I think you will be pleased with what you see.  And as always, your questions, comments and suggestions are welcome.


Deb Voegeli
Owner, The Red Camel


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