Vintage Tribal Cuff Bracelet - Vintage Tribal Belly Dance Cuff SINGLE - Tribal Bracelet with Pin and Hinge - Mansehra Kashmiri Kuchi

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Item No: JBK0219
Country of Origin: Afghanistan / Pakistan
Materials: Mixed Metals
Condition: Used/ Good
Qty in Stock: 1


Vintage tribal bracelet with pin and hinge closure.  

Width: 2 Inches
Inner Circumference: About 6-5/8 Inches
Inner Diameter:  2-1/8 Inches
Materials: Mixed Metals
Metal Color:  Silvery to slightly brassy
Finish:  Unpolished
Closure:  Pin and Hinge
Chased design and cut outs with heart motif.
Pin is permanently attached so cannot become lost.

Small tribal cuff bracelet with chased design and cut outs.  Pin is permanently attached, can't get lost!  6-5/8 inches inner circumference and 2-1/8 inches inner diameter.  Pin is a replacement but is attached to bracelet like the originals.  Hinge is in good condition.  Silvery to slightly brassy and unpolished.  These pieces look very tribal, but are quite easy to wear.  The pin and hinge design allows for them to be easily clasped on and removed. 

The mountainous regions of far northeastern Afghanistan, northern Pakistan, Kashmir and northern India are a trove of jewelry designs.  Here many cultures overlap and jewelry styles intertwine and meld, becoming seemingly familiar and yet distinctly different.  Materials, techniques and ideas are borrowed, passed along and reworked into amazing pieces.  



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