Two Vintage Kuchi Bell Beads - Tribal Beads - Jingle Beads for Dance Costuming DIY - Balochi Waziri Hazara Tribal Beads - Belly Dance Jewelry

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Item No: JPB0119
Country of origin: Pakistan / Afghanistan
Materials: Mixed Metals
Qty in Stock: 1


Two vintage tribal beads with jingling bells.

Length:  Long bead is 5.5 from top of bead to bottom of dangles, the smaller on is about 2.5 inches from top of bead to bottom of bells. 
Hole size:  8mm on the larger bead and about 4mm on the smaller bead
Materials: Mixed metals
Metal Color:  Silvery to slightly brassy
Metal Finish:  Unpolished
Bells and hollow dangles make great jingles!

Vintage tribal beads with nice hollow dangles for a great jingle!  Two different types of bead:  one longer, tube shaped with nice long chains and hollow diamond-shaped dangles and one smaller round bead with bells on chains.  Unpolished mixed metals.  These would both be nice for jewelry projects, but could easily be used at the top of tassels as well.

Price listed is for two beads as shown.  

Kuchi means "nomad" in the Afghan Dari language. The livelihood and culture of the Kuchis have been all but destroyed by conflict, drought, and demographic shifts. Some 200,000 Kuchis are displaced in Afghanistan; an equal or larger number are refugees in Pakistan; and hundreds of thousands of others are eking out a precarious existence in urban or rural areas in Afghanistan. Only a small number of Kuchis still follow their traditional livelihood of nomadic herding.


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