Souss Berber Round Niello and Etched Tribal Pendant - Amazigh Jewelry - Tribal Belly Dance DIY Costuming

Item No: JPM0103
Country of Origin: Morocco
Materials: Mixed Metals
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Round Berber accent pendants with niello and etched detailing.

Length: About 2.25 inches including bale at the top
Width: About 1.75 inches
Materials: Mixed metals
Metal Color:  Slightly brassy
Finish:  Unpolished
Attachment: Rolled tunnel/bale at the top for stringing

Price listed is for ONE pendant.  

Round Souss Berber accent pendants with niello and etched detailing.  Pendants are 2.25 inches long (including bale) and 1.75 inches wide.  Tunnel/bale at the top for string onto necklaces or other projects.  Chevron design is very old and used often on tribal adornment.  The black lines on these pendants looks like niello, but in fact is not.  It is a type of black paint used on local jewelry in the south of Morocco.  

The Berber people, or Amazigh as they call themselves are an ethnic group of several nations indigenous mostly to North Africa and in some northern parts of Western Africa -  Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Mauritania, northern Mali, northern Niger, and a small part of western Egypt.

Price listed is for ONE pendant. 


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