New Kuchi Pendant with Jewels - RED Jewels - Kuchi Tribal Pendant for Belly Dance

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Item No: JPX0130
Country of Origin: Pakistan
Materials: Mixed Metals, Plastic Jewels
Condition: New Handmade Tribal
Qty in Stock: 4


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New Kuchi style pendant with lots of jewels.  These new pendants are hand made by tribal craftsmen, so there may be small differences between pieces.  Pendant base is made from mixed metals and incorporates shining plastic jewels and small bells. Use for necklace focal or add to the center of a dance bra or anywhere on your belt. These may be the perfect thing to add color and sparkle to your costuming and jewelry projects at a easy-on-the-wallet price. 

Tribal pendants are the perfect thing for tribal fusion belly dance costume embellishment. Tribal pendants come in an endless variety, but most are made from silver, mixed metals or an alloy of both and have lots of detailing that may include stamped metal plaques, granulation, hollow dangles for jingle, flat dangles to catch the light, glass jewels or any number of other ornamentation. All of these details are meant to protect the wearer by distracting and redirecting evil spirits. If it seems that tribal pendants often have flaws, be aware that many times flaws are "built in" to the piece as an additional means of keeping evil spirits away since the spirits seem to be attracted to items in perfect condition. Plesae remember that handmade pieces will most often have slight differences. Only machine made items are perfect!  Help keep that pesky evil eye away by adding lots of pendants to your costuming.

Length: About 3.25 inches from bale to bottom of bells
Width:  About 2.5 inches
Materials: Mixed metals, plastic jewels
Jewel Color:  Red
Metal Color: Silvery white metal
Finish:  Most are polished and shiny, some have unpolished places or a bit of patina
Attachment: Bale at the top
These pendants are handmade.  There may be differences between pieces such as jewels that are different shades/colors, bells may be slightly different, the size or shape may vary, or there may be other small differences due to the nature of handmade pieces.  

Price listed is for a SINGLE pendant.

Photos are representative. You will receive similar pieces to those shown in the photos on this page in the quantity indicated above.

A NOTE ON THE CONDITION OF TRIBAL ITEMS: Our new jewelry is tribal jewelry or newly made jewelry from tribal craftsmen in faraway lands. The condition of our items will reflect their prior travels through many hands before arriving at The Red Camel. Even with new pieces, there may be small flaws here and there that reflect their journey. We do our best to describe any such flaws that may be present, and we encourage you to read the full description and look at all photos closely to judge the condition of the item for yourself and know exactly what you are ordering. If you have questions about the condition of any item, please ask!


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