Kohistani Bracelet - Tribal Bangle Bracelet - Vintage Tribal Bracelet for Belly Dance Costuming - Kohistan Region Bracelet - Kuchi Kohistani Tribal Bracelet

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Item No: JBB0036
Country of Origin: Pakistan
Materials: Mixed Metals
Condition: Used / Good
Qty in Stock: 1


Vintage bangle tribal bracelet from the Kohistan region of Pakistan.

Inner Circumference: 6-3/4 Inches
Inner Diameter: About 2.25 inches
Width: About 3/8 of an Inch
Materials:  Mixed Metals
Metal Color:  Slightly brassy
Metal Finish:  Unpolished
Rigid design.  Etched/punched design, small jewels, knobby protrustion.
6-3/4 inches is a bit small for a bangle bracelet.  This would be best worn on a slim hand/wrist.

This listing is for a SINGLE bracelet as shown.

Traditional Kohistan design rigid bangle bracelet with protrusion and small jewels.  Bracelet is solid metal.  Somewhat heavy.  Rigid shape in mixed metals is not adjustable.  Slip over the hand to wear.  Total inner circumference is 6-3/4 inches.  Inner diameter is 2.25 inches.  This bracelet is in excellent condition.  Vintage bracelets look beautiful stacked together or mix it up with different styles. 

Kohistan is a northern geographic mountainous region of pakistan.  This region is  where the Hindukush, Karakuram and Himalayan Mountain systems meet and serve as a natural boundary for environmental regions.  The uniqueness of these mountain systems also results in rich flora and fauna and therefore gives home to unique species such as the snow leopard.  


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