Cowrie Shells - Open Back Cowrie Shells - Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Costuming - Pack of 50

Item No: DMS0001
Country of Origin: India
Materials: Natural Shell
Condition: Natural with Sliced Backs
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Large cowrie shells for tribal fusion belly dance costuming or other DIY projects.  One of the most common and powerful amulets to be found, cowrie shells have been used for millenia for embellishing clothing and other personal items and were oten used as currency in the tribal world. Today they are still used as a symbolic display of wealth.  One of nature's oldest and most treasured amulets, cowries have found their way around the world. Use these packets of 50 cowrie shells to adorn tribal and fusion costuming and accessory projects.  The sliced backs make it easy to sew these little gems to any textile item, or simply glue them in place.  White shells shine under stage lighting!

Packet Size:  50 pieces
Shell Size:  About 7/8 of an inch long by 5/8 of an inch wide.  There will be natural variation.  
Color:  Natural variations of white, cream, tan
Attachment:  Sew through sliced backs on each end of shell.
The shells in these packets have been newly collected and opened/sliced.

Sew or glue shells in place to make rows, patterns or any other design you can think of.  Natures own amulets!

These natural shells have had the backs sliced open to allow for the shell to lay flat and be sewn in place on each end by passing your needle through and around the shell and back through your fabric.  There is a natural groove on each end of the shell that the thread will fit into.  The shells are opened by hand and there will be some variation in the size and placement of the opening.  They are real shells and can become chipped or can break if dropped or crushed. 


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