Beaded / Embroidered Kuchi Panels - 8 Small Vintage Tribal Panels - Beadwork Shisha Mirrors Embroidery - Tribal Textile Remnant - Discount Wholesale

Item No: WLT0006
Country of Origin: Pakistan
Materials: Glass, Fabric, Metallic Thread, Yarn
Condition: Used
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Lot of 8 small Kuchi textile panels.  There are four matching pair in this lot.  Pieces include beadwork, shisha mirrors and metallic embroidery. I believe these pieces came from the cuffs of jackets or blouses.  Variety of colors, sizes, and materials.  These are amazing vintage small pieces that can be used to decorate almost anything from costuming to household goods.  

In the old tradition, the Kuchi nomads decorated almost everything they owned, including their animals and themselves.  They used items that were plentiful or easily obtainable, such as glass seed beads and coins, and made others such has stamped metal amulets and buttons.  They also made tassels, poms and to top it all off, embroidered almost everything.  These little panels are just one example of their craft.  

In tribal life, vintage components, including textiles and intricately worked embellishments, are often reused and repurposed to add adornment to new clothing, jewelry and accessory pieces. You can also find them adorning animals and objects that the owner wishes to keep safe from evil influences. As the item wears and eventually becomes unusable, the pieces that can be saved are repurposed to embellish a newer item. Think of them as the original recycling!

Number of Pieces in this Lot:  8 Panels - 4 pair
Size Range:  Decorative portions measure from 7.5 to 8  inches long and from 3 to 4 inches wide
Decorative Materials may Include:  Glass beads and mirrors, metallic thread, colorful fabric, yarn poms
Backing Materials:  Fabric
There is extra fabric on the end of these pieces where (I think) beaded meallions were attached and the peice was sewn together.
You will receive the exact pieces shown in the photos on this page.

Please check photos carefully for condition. You will receive the exact piece(s) shown in the photos on this page. This is a USED piece that has previously been used as or adorned tribal clothing, accessories, household goods, animal trappings or other items. As a previously used tribal item it may have small flaws such as loose threads, missing beads, frayed edges, may be faded or worn, or have other small flaws.

A NOTE ON THE CONDITION OF TRIBAL ITEMS: Our tribal beadwork and textile items are used tribal pieces from faraway lands. As used pieces our items may be frayed, faded or otherwise reflect their prior lives as treasured tribal pieces. Please know that we strive to maintain the tribal allure of our items and therefore we do not clean or repair these pieces in any way. This not only maintains the old, tribal look of each piece that our belly dance customers seek, but also preserves the value of a piece that the cleaning process may diminish.

We do our best to describe any flaws that may be present, and we encourage you to read the full description and look at all photos closely to judge the condition of the item for yourself and know exactly what you are ordering. If you have questions about the condition of any item, please ask!



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